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tv   [untitled]    March 28, 2012 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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prototypes. they were fantastic and visuals. i have some other ideas. i always think that using something like viral something, internet, facebook-related is always going to work. as someone who grew up in new york city, i would not leave something on a table. these things are valuable. they cost a ton of money. what is in the purse is way more valuable on the street than it used to be. >> its is also resale value. it can be sold quickly. >> a drag queen video for the bars is what is called for here.
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>> can the mission station be in touch with you? >> i have a comment on the private party definition. care having a live band and stuff. i know you have company part ies. we have our people go through a lot of trouble to get their licenses and things like that. if they are having a band on the patio, unless we hear from a neighbor complaining, it is likely look the other way. in all fairness to all the people that come up for a license -- what is the definition of private party? >> that is a valuable question. as far as looking the other way, it is not true.
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we spend a lot of time, whether it be an underground party at a warehouse or a venue -- we work with mission station, a central station to find these kind of events and educate. as far as the definition of a private party, if it looks like a duck, chances are it is a duck. people try to use the private party definition all the time, but if there is money changing hands, if there is entertainment, if there is amplification, it is a duck. let's be honest here. how'd you get on the guest list? e-mail. that is open to the public. we are asking for a five dillard -- $5 donation at the
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door, that is an entrance fee. >> if you could get on the guest list, commissioner, it is not a private party. >> is there a band playing? i am not saying that you are not doing your job. you are only one person for the whole city, so we cannot blame me. if we get calls from people, we have something to say exactly -- i feel sorry for these people. they go through a lot of time to get their license. people can fall under this, i am having a private party. >> absolutely.
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i think it is important to mention that when staff and assets pd go out to find these under permitted venues, there is -- there are two things in mind for motivation. public safety is the big one. it is a death trap waiting for a match. the second motivation is exactly what you just stated. people have spent a lot of time and money getting permits. we are out there because if you spend a lot of money on your club, and you've gone through all the legalities, -- it is not fair to our permit he's and all the effort they go through. we are doing it for them. one of the complement to get the
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most common thank you. there was a place operati -- th, you know. >> i think we should carry this conversation. it is something to think about. >> thank you. any public comment? >> k9. -- hang on. he is not here? oh, ok. >> all right. there is no public comment. we will move on to item number five. hearing and possible action regarding applications for permits under the jurisdiction of the entertainment items. a -hthe bottle cap. >> congratulations if the
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commission votes to approve your permanent. you are not done until you come back to our office and get the actual permanent after it has been approved by the police, fire department, and other agencies and unnecessary. please give us a call and do not run away after tonight. item a is 1707 powell street. the applicant intends to offer up acoustic performances. >> is the applicant here? anything you want to add to that? you made the trip down in the rain, you may as well get your 2 cents in. >> we appreciate the opportunity to enhance our business.
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as this gentleman was saying before, to hire musicians. they are in need of work as well. you know, our neighborhood in north beach is really rich in art and music. for us to take part in that is a great opportunity. >> i missed your name. >> liz ferro. >> ok. commissioners, any questions? >> i think it is a good thing. >> any members of the public was to comment? simenon, do i have a motion? -- c. int 9, do i have a motion? -- seeing none, do i have a motion? >> good luck. >> thank you. >> all right.
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item b, 550 barneveld, place of entertainment. extended house promises. >> extended hours. >> ok. the applicant has requested that this item be continued to our april 10 meeting. >> ok. do we have a motion to continue it? thank you. ok. item c -- dba skylark, place of entertainment. >> you are probably familiar with skylark. it has been at that location for some time. the permit this to allow them to have deejays.
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in your file comment there have been some late additions today. you now have an amended security plan, several letters of support. >> ok. what do you have for us? >> i have with me today stephevn engelbreacht. he bought this place in a rundown neighborhood at the corner of 16th and valencia. it is no longer run down. he thought the place before had a place of entertainment license. he bought the bark and he thought he bought the place of entertainment license. nobody ever said anything to him
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for 16 years. he knew there had been a small place for the past 16 years. my client had no idea. as soon as he found out about it, he jumped on it. he got in touch with me. we immediately applied for the entertainment license. i am proud to say that i have seen this three-time cy. -- three times. other than what the vice director kane said is that we have to work out the police conditions. i have a copy. i did have a dis before the comn meeting today. he has proposed 15 conditions,
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the two i had issue with were, that we hire a licensed by the security firm. steve is willing to do that. however, he feels bad about laying off people that a been with him for a long time. we would propose, they meet with officer on what they ought to be doing. anybody hired there will have a guard card. if that does not work out, we will hire a license bond company. number 3 talks about patdowns and metal detectors. this is a bit of overkill. this is a 49 occupancy space. what i would propothat conditioe
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will use patdowns and a wand if needed. other than that, we are fine with everything else. the outreach i would like to discuss a little bit. steve is a member of the mentioned -- mission merchants association and we are in contact with them. we also reached out to mission economic development. and a group that helps food entrepreneurs and it puts on a big street fair every year in the mission. it is really great.
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there are seven letters. i think it shows where steve is coming from. he has been the biggest supporter for three years of this clinic. he was their number 1 financial supporter. he is now doing fundraisers for schools in oakland. you have something from the president of monroe motors, the oldest motorcycle dealership in the bay area. they're talking about what a great meeting place it is. you have the fundraising share for the haight asbury committed to schools. talking about how great they have then. there was a documentary film that was produced locally in the mission that talked about the discrepancy is of low teacher salaries in america versus other places. he threw a bunch of fund-raisers
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for that particular group. you also have two or three bar owners within the block who have since recommendation letters. you do have a letter from the neighborhood that is not too happy and talking about problems out front. we are the first to admit that 16th and mission is ground zero hipster world and also ground zero for mission gangs. there is a problem. we dealt with it for 16 years. it has gotten better over time, and gotten worse over time. it is a flowing river out there. we are well aware of the issues and we are certainly doing our best to help with that problem. my client is here to answer any
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questions. i apologize, there were some typos in an earlier version of the security plan. the proper plan is the march 16 plan or the march 10 plan. there was a meeting between my client and the captain and i think they have worked all-out. we're happy to answer any questions. we want to request a full grant for this department. >> any questions? >> i want to say that we did march from the eagle to the skylark when night to protest. we were trying to keep the eagles a clear space. i wanted in full disclosure to admit that did participate in a sit-in at the skylark. >> maybe this is more of a question to officer buckner.
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you mentioned that since it is a smaller space, you do not think it is required. my concern is not the number of people. it only takes one really bad person to cause a big problem. just because you have a smaller space does not mean we can let our guard down. especially that neighborhood. if the officer feels that it is a necessity in that neighborhood, i want to hear about what he has to say. >> you know, and they do not do it at the symphony, they did not do it at the opera, they did not do it at a lot of places. if you are trying to draw a better crowd, it tends to put a damper on that. that is my reservation. >> understanding where we are, i would like to work something out, if needed.
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>> are right. -- all right. >> i think that is a very valid point. the reason i put that condition at number three and a security plan with that in mind. the incident that occurred a few weeks ago in front of the skylark. involved in gang activity, loitering, and gang member attempting to enter the bar. with credit to the security team that is currently in place, they prevented this individual from getting into the bar with a knife. one of the other gang members, obviously, had a gun. they were denied entry into the club. rightfully so. they began wandering in and about the club in front. -- loitering in and about the club in front. if physical altercation ensued
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and the gun was shot at least 10 times. it is that type of activity that we are seen frequently. in that area. i am not putting this on skylark. they are in an area that is very challenging. as a result, they have to check the level -- kick their level of security up, the level of professionalism with their security. that is the only reason i put that in there. condition number 15, which was generated as a result of the fact that the security team identified this problem. it was not reported to the sfpd. had it been, maybe we would of had a chance if an officer had responded to the area and got
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people to move along. perhaps the shooting would have never taken place in the first place. what we're looking for in this permit approval is better cooperation with the skylark and bars management team, security team. i think as it relates to the head -- as the relates to number two, i cannot require this business to terminate the current security team and hire a specific security team. i fully support him if he thinks it is in his best interest to continue with this security team. i am cautiously optimistic about it because, you know, i do have a file on this location. maybe it is just a matter of training. i do not know going online and
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paying $59 is gone to solve the problem. they need to take security seriously. they need to have some protocols. he has prepared a very comprehensive security plan. i really like the part where he says the security team is going to go down to a broad trade -- a broadway street every saturday night. [laughter] >> we are going to ask for patdowns at his restaurant now. >> the security plan is exceptional. it just needs to be implemented. now we have it, we are supporting this approval. we really want the security to be serious and light of the fact of for the r. -- of where they are. the metal parts -- the metal
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detector, i cannot tell you how many times i have driven by theire and have been very concerned about the crowds that are of loitering in the front. it seems to be no control whatsoever about what is going in and out of the place. it is is a component of the logistics of where they are set up on the sidewalk in front. part of this is getting -- organizing their entry, a smoking area and that sort of thing. i think that pretty much covers everything that i had. >> ok. i have one question. i know you are new to mission. maybe this is a hard one. since they have been operating without this permanent for 16 years, given the neighborhood,
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back in the 1990's, i was captain of mission station. in those days, when they left everybody out of san quentin, they would bring a bus ride to 16th and mission. i do not know if that practice is still going on. i would not be surprised. >> sometimes i think so. [laughter] >> they have no place to go. if it would bring it right down to 16th and mission and cut them loose. it generated the prominent -- problems in the neighborhood. how does the venue compared to the other places in the neighborhood in terms of management? >> we have some similar challenges with some of the other local places. we have the valencia corridor right now and that is a hotbed of activity. mostly positive stuff.
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we see a lot of the bars in the area having the same problems with fights and that sort of thing. skylark is a little bit different. they tend to draw more of a crowd. maybe because the occupancy is set at 49. it tends to get a crowd in the front. i am not sure if that is what it is. i am not sure if it is the dj that is drawing a certain type of crowd. ultimately, whatever it is, it is a component of having better security to solve the problem. i believe steve that he genuinely is interested in running a safe nightclub and addressing some of the concerns. i think he well. he said he would, and i believe he will. >> would be open to a
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suggestion? they have worked up this all- inclusive security plan. i can understand the desire to keep the staff that has worked there for some time. if we grant this, if the commission chooses to grant this, the item concerning the patdowns and the type of security hired be put on hold for three months while we see how it goes? you can make a determination after that time. we can revisit it on your request if you still does need to be implemented. >> i would be an agreement to that. >> i see where you are headed with this. for historical purposes, what we have done in the past is strike conditions like this with the knowledge that if something does
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happen, we can always bring them back to commission an ad conditions that are related to an incident. we would put a metal detector if somebody did get something inside a venue and something happened. >> so if that is a little context for you, that would be my suggestion as opposed to labor in for months or a time frame. >> you are saying that we just drop them canal. >> in regard to the security, it is not in question. they want to hire a lesson kincardine card security firm. would that be the one they have now or a new one, i don't think there is any question about that.
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>> the distinction i would make, is in house? >> in house. dodge the language would be clear that it would be his own employees versus an outside firm. >> at this point, we would let them handle it in the house. we would revisit it upon his request. are you in agreement with that? commissioners, any questions? >> i am concerned about concession no. 3, do you know of anyone that has this commission -- conditioned on them? >> i don't know any of the top of my head because many of the places in that area don't have places of entertainment. there are a lot of bars and restaurants, but there are not
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that many. i don't believe they have that requirement in the air. i think officer buckner is trying to instill a new spirit. >> i can't say for certain what the other licenses and conditions are at this point. i will say that it is somewhat unusual that we would require a van youtube hat down or using a metal detector system on their patrons. it is very unusual and we would only do that at a venue that we felt it would benefit. we had a recent incident as i outlined for you that was very close to being inside of that venue. the security team prevented that from happening. it was probably a pat down. they found a knife on the
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subject. it was definitely a success. >> that is kind of -- not we don't have to put in hard language, but i think it is up to the security to design efficient at down -- is a hot neighborhood. i don't even know how to handle that. what kind of guard card training? are they going on line? >> palin donna saturday. -- or they went on a saturday. >> there were like 30 people there. that is good because there were a lot of questions and to this online thank is great, but i think the guards that were there learned a lot. for me, no problems with that.
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just to save some money, it is a small venue. unless, of course, something really did happen. for me, i would like to not let anything happen at the beginning. we should always be more proactive. if they went to the training that they were required to, i don't have a problem with making it an option like they would propose. >> just to clarify, we are going to leave it off for now. and you're going to come back here and condition you to have had guns. you understand that? >> there have been incidents


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